Amusing Finger Portraits of Famous People

Italian artist Dito Von Tease, owner of Ditology creates the most amazing portraits of celebrities by taking a picture of his finger then manipulating the picture until it looks like a celebrity.

My favorite finger portraits have to be these: Steve Jobs, Spock, Ronald McDonald, Clockwork, fluffy and Shrek.

Breathtaking: Japanese Artist Paints 3d Goldfish in Layers of Resin

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori tediously paints three-dimensional goldfish in layers of resin.   Ruisuke paints his 3d goldfish layer by layer revealing slightly more of the goldfish each step of the process.  He even captures incredible elements besides just the goldfish.  In the above pictures you see a tipped bucket where it looks like the goldfish are spilling out, one with air bubbles (made to look like an aquarium aerator), and one with a ladle that is probably the most popular piece he’s done. You can visit his website to see more, although it appears to be in Japanese.

100 Abandoned Houses in Detroit by Kevin Bauman

I knew the housing market was on a huge decline, but these pictures the problem to a whole new light.  Kevin Bauman began photographing abandoned houses in his home town of Detroit, Michigan 10 years ago.  He started taking black and whites then converted to taking pictures in color.  Soon he started 100 Abandoned Houses in Detroit, a website with a gallery of all of the houses he captured.  In reality, he says there are actually around 12,000 abandoned houses.  He also says Detroit’s rapid population decline has led to the occurrence of abandoned houses.  If you are interested in checking out the whole 100, check out his website.  You can even purchase limited production prints.

Chrono-Shredder – Automatic Calendar Shredder

I couldn’t help but share this odd calendar design after it caught my attention.  The Chrono-Shredder by susanna hertrich is a calender with similar functions to a clock.  It continuously shreds every day, every minute, every hour!  As time passes the scattered paper trail piles up in an amusing way.  I’m pretty sure this is a big waste of paper.  Either way, this non-green calender is pretty cool looking:


shredding clockpaper shredding calender

chrono shredder