Underdogs – Dogs Turned Into Humans

Sebastian Magnani took his love for graphic design, dogs, and photography and created some very unique dog portraits.  Sebastian’s dog portraits will definitely make you look twice and wonder what your pet would look like in human form.

100 Abandoned Houses in Detroit by Kevin Bauman

I knew the housing market was on a huge decline, but these pictures the problem to a whole new light.  Kevin Bauman began photographing abandoned houses in his home town of Detroit, Michigan 10 years ago.  He started taking black and whites then converted to taking pictures in color.  Soon he started 100 Abandoned Houses in Detroit, a website with a gallery of all of the houses he captured.  In reality, he says there are actually around 12,000 abandoned houses.  He also says Detroit’s rapid population decline has led to the occurrence of abandoned houses.  If you are interested in checking out the whole 100, check out his website.  You can even purchase limited production prints.

Amazing Underwater Dog Photography by Seth Casteel

Seth Casteel was hesitant but felt the urge to splurge on an expensive underwater camera to take pictures of his dogs.  He wasn’t sure if it would make  him money, but just felt the strong need to go through with his goal.  One night he received an email that his underwater dog pictures were posted on Reddit.  The next morning he woke up to a lot more money than he had in his bank account!  An album of photographs from his underwater dogs series that were posted to Facebook have garnered nearly 30,000 “likes” and have been shared almost 22,000 times.

His website, which is typically handles around 200 visitors a day, is now overloaded with more than 100,000 daily visitors.

This goes to show you to follow your instinct, and don’t think about making money and it will come to you.

Meet Trotter, The Costume Dog

Meet Trotter, a one year old French Bulldog captured in elegant dog costumes by San Francisco-based photographer Sonya Yu.  The name Trotter, seems to fit this dog perfectly after looking at these hilarious dog costumes. With Halloween around the corner maybe you can try out some of these ideas on your dog and make him an internet star!  You can find some more of Sonya’s work on her Instagram feed or check out her personal work here.


Long Exposure Photograph – The Landing in Little Compton, RI

the landing little compton ri

I took this long exposure photograph at The Landing in Little Compton, RI.  Sometimes I’ll ride my moped through the winding roads to this secluded beach that’s a best kept secret for local surfers.  This is one of my favorite beaches of all time, mostly because it’s hidden, but also because of the cliff overlooking river rocks cascading the shore.  You won’t find any sand at this beach, but that’s OK, it’s not that kind of a beach.  It’s a breathtaking, quiet beach where you’ll find high waves, LC surfers, couples, and families taking in the scenery.  The best part of this beach is the sound of the river rocks tumbling as the waves roll in and out.

This was actually one of two shots I took this day, both first time long exposures.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since I was just testing out my new filter that would allow me to take loooong exposures during the day.  The first one was not so good.  The second one came out surprisingly nice considering it was my first shot at this long of an exposure (around 5 minutes).  The biggest challenge was capturing the rocks as well as the tide and the rock in the distance.  I wasn’t expecting to capture the seagull, but I was lucky there.  There are just a few things I can learn from when looking at this picture.  There are some spots on the picture, I think from the splashing waves.  I may have been too close.  Secondly, the sun was at a harsh angle for my polarizing filter and made the upper left corner slightly underexposed.  I’ll try shooting this one again avoiding both, but I’m very happy with the way this one turned out.  Let me know what you think!