Nautical Door Knocker Inspiration

After you see this nautical door knocker inspiration post, one things for certain, you won’t need to search on Pinterest or Google images for the right coastal door knocker, because I already did that for you (unless you’re looking for ultra tacky door knockers).  I first saw coastal door knockers at my favorite local getaway, Castle Hill Inn, in Newport RI.  Their stunning cottages feature coastal colors and solid wood doors, with VERY noticeable door knockers.  Each door has a different knocker, many of which are below.  It’s tough to choose which one looks best, especially because you want to make sure they’re not too tacky!

nautical door knocker inspiration

brass anchor door knocker on a blue door, great contrast


brass oyster door knocker


the classic crab door knocker


antique style anchor door knocker


blue crab door knocker – bright, but looks good on natural light wood


I love the brass / bronze crab door knocker on a red door


quahog door knocker


seahorse door knocker (I think they have this one at Castle Hill Inn)


I think the left one is tacky, but the lobster door knocker looks awesome



A variation on the anchor door knocker


This dolphin door knocker is really cool, I couldn’t find the source


Of course, the dolphin door knocker


and the unique mussel cluster door knocker


Tattoo Faced Candidate : Most Tattooed Man to Ever Run For President

Meet Vladimir Franz, the most tattooed man to ever run for president in any country of the world. Don’t let his appearance fool you, he’s gathering signatures in order grab a shot at being the president of the Czech Republic in 2013.  The 53 year old is almost completley covered with tattoos from face to toe.  The tattoos almost give him the appearance of being blue, but if you look closely you can see the detail.

The shockingly candidate is currently gathering signatures in order to be able to candidate for president of the Czech Republic in 2013.

Again, don’t let his appearance fool you!  Franz is actually a drama professor at one of the most prestigious universities in Prague, a talented painter and a successful opera composer.

This Man Is Running For The 2013 Czech Presidential Election

The Page Turner : Page Turning Machine by Joseph Herscher

“The Page Turner”, Brooklyn, 2012, featured in the New York Times – Joseph Herscher

Watch this incredible kinetic page turning machine as it goes through a sequence of amusing and entertaining steps to turn the page of a newspaper.  If you like this video below you might want to check out Joseph Herscher’s website as well.  He’s a kinetic artist/genius.

What a Man Do With Three Naked Women

Not what you expected

Amazing Tiger Body Painting by Craig Tracy

This unique bodypainting was created to increase awareness and benefit a cause that is near to the heart of the artist. Tigers have always been his favorite animal and when asked to aid in the effort to protect, repopulate and re-wild this the most endangered tiger in the world, Craig immediately said yes. “Only 100 South China Tigers are reported to remain alive and if my bodypainting can help increase that number by one then I’ll have lived with purpose.” states the artist.

Here is an awesome behind the scenes video as well:

iRetrofone – The Retro Iphone Handset & Dock

retro iphone dock

I’m not too into iPhone docs but this one is exceptional.  This iPhone dock is handmade and signed by Artist Scott Freeland.

Fuses Art With Function.

The iRetrofone is a fully-functional, stationary iPhone dock with working handset and complete compatibility with USB cable. Each individual iRetrofone is hand-sculpted and hand-cast in urethane resin. The iRetrophone is made of heavy-duty urethane resin creating a stable, functional work station that routes voice communications through the included handset. Designed to be compatible with all iPhone’s (iPhone 3G, 3GS & iPhone 4G & 4S), it accommodates sync and charge functions via a USB cable (not included). The iRetrofone base also helps eliminate concerns about radiation.

Add the Retrophone app to make your iRetrofone complete, available on iTunes.

You can grab one of these phone on Etsy for around $200.  There’s also a gold and black one that reminds me of my recent gold and black vintage fan restoration.

Here are some more flavors: