44 Amazing Ideas For Your Backyard Patio and Deck Space


This winter seems to be taking forever to switch over, especially since we’ve been dumped with more snow than I can remember.  Many of us in northern climates feel the same way, desperate for summer, or even weather in the upper 50’s!  I’m looking forward to transforming our backyard into a serene space.  The main area of focus is a deck or patio that is great for relaxing and entertaining.  Here is a collection of ideas I have.  Some of the spaces and pools may not be realistic, but bits and pieces are.  This is what inspires me. Oh, and if you are looking for a reputable company to make these dreams come true, I would recommend a company like Imperial Building & Roofing Co Inc.

Backyard Deck & Patio Inspiration

outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (1)
beautiful wood deck with fireplace, overhead heater and built in benches
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (2)
patio with white beams, strung lights, California feel.  Love the plants and dark wood floor in contrast to the white house/beams.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (3)
The strung lights look amazing and the pool is so clean looking. Love the palm trees in planters and the teak wood furniture.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (4)
nice outdoor setup with benches, table, and strung lights. cool for a separate oasis in addition to a deck.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (5)
love the privacy, the slate, high walls, and perfect green landscape make this look very stately.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (6)
white brick fireplace, slate patio. simple outdoor space.  love the white picnic table too.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (7)
cool pergola and nice gravel surround and stone work
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (8)
ignore everything but the deck and this looks cool. I like the idea of building a jacuzzi into a deck. and i like the trees hanging over the deck. Also, the steps and stonework are nice.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (9)
this deck material is beautiful and simple. I think it’s a mahogany deck. I like how it goes right up to the uncut grass.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (10)
i love the idea of a built in pool. not a huge one, just a small square, simple soaking tub that can be heated in the winter… deck goes right up to it.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (11)
I love this narrow deck and simple pool. perfect. reminds me of little compton, rhode island style.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (12)
i like the steps and built in planters / benches on this deck. Not so much the colors or anything else.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (13)
love this white pergola, picnic table and decking. nice how it’s attached to the house with a deck above it. could do this with a master bedroom.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (14)
just because you have a small deck doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful. I love the plans and steps.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (15)
i love the idea of this privacy wall made out of wood, attached to the deck
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (16)
pergola with vines
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (17)
small deck with Adirondack chairs
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (18)
nice deck material and L shaped deck seating
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (19)
wow, this pool and stone surround look amazing.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (20)
all I like here is the built in jacuzzi and deck. Not so much the fence etc..
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (22)
white pergola with light gray deck, steps down to yard
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (23)
nice covered patio, coastal look with beams
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (24)
spa like back yard. love the stone, deck, and plants
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (25)
love the low deck, plants, stone and plants surrounding it
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (26)
love the dark harmony deck, with white trim and blue accents
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (27)
awesome little garden area, compact
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (28)
love the plants, fireplace, and concrete wall with bright green grass accent
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (29)
rustic and simple deck
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (30)
amazing pool and deck setup. I love the stairs down tot he pool and the deck. the smaller sized pool is perfect.  the clean lines and slate look great.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (31)
cool idea for a fire pit, but too small for the huge fires i have.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (32)
love the privacy wall, plants, seating and decking
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (33)
awesome idea for built in deck accent lighting. I also love the plants as another barrier
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (34)
plant wall with nice stonework, nice seating area and a gas fire pit on this patio
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (35)
love the lights
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (36)
nice eating area on this patio with strung lights. dark concept.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (37)
my dream pool and deck. simple and clean.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (38)
this deck and landscape look awesome. love the trees built next to it.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (39)
wow, this soaking pool and deck are nice
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (40)
perfect pool and deck
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (41)
nice clean, small deck
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (42)
trees built in to deck
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (43)
build deck around trees
string lights around a pergola


Rustic Wood Desk Inspiration

rustic desk inspiration

This collection of rustic wood desk  inspiration should help me find the clean desk I’m looking for to complete my dream office.  What am I looking for?  My ideal desk is similar to the printmaker desk by restoration hardware below, but it’s not limited to this style.  I love clean, simple, and natural elements integrated into a desk.  It can be extremely simple with no drawers if it has a really nice wood surface or it can incorporate iron legs.  You can see my desk style is a mix between industrial, rustic, and modern elements.  Check out the collection below. I tried to link to the sources so just click on the image to open the inspiration source.

the printmaker desk

Love this printmaker desk by restoration hardware. for to make my dream office.


 rustic pottery barn wood desk


Not bad for a rustic Ikea desk.  Of course you still need to make the top.


This desk is on the smaller size, but it’s awesome


I love the way this desk is cluttered yet organized


I love this cluttered yet clean office


DIY Planked Desk? Maybe try taking an old desk and laying planks down for the top?


 I may have to throw a tree in the corner of the room like this!


Not a desk, but would be a great side cart for a desk.


Renate Desk – Mix of metal and wood desk


Solid oak minimal desk by crate and barrel


Beautiful Reclaimed wood desk with metal legs


20 Mind Blowing Bookshelf Ideas for Inspiration


Lets face it – books radiate sophistication, whether you’re a big reader or not, they can brighten up any room.  Sometimes with the right bookshelf can change the whole appearance of your home, whether it be a small reading nook, or a bookshelf from floor to ceiling.  Whatever type you decide to design or use, here are some great bookshelf ideas that you can use for inspiration or for your next DIY bookshelf project.

high, light colored wood bookshelf


scissor book shelf


full wall bookshelf


iron pipe bookshelf with rustic wood


Bookshelf reaching ceiling peak


High windows & books


old wood “l” shaped bookshelf


Creative Bookshelf design for wall of home


black bookshelves with sliding ladder


cool bookshelf design – ultimate reading nook


classy bookshelf office


bookshelf nook idea


Small reading nook idea


high natural wood bookshelves on brick wall


white grid bookshelves


cluttered bookshelves


cool bookshelf


Tight bookshelf


Zig Zag iron pipe bookshelf – DIY Idea


Black bookshelf with ladder



Interior Design Inspiration

Who says showers and bathtubs need to be in standard format?


Cool Vintage Fan


Simple black and white room


DIY Iron Pipe Shelf


Old painted stool with plants


Wow, I could picture this turquoise industrial light in my kitchen


Cool DIY Idea – white minimal bench


Window Bench, Cool DIY Project?


Awesome, simple hanging light +  elephant themed nursery idea

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

brass swing lamp
brass swing lamp

Bright White Painted Fireplace


Leather Handle diy