44 Amazing Ideas For Your Backyard Patio and Deck Space


This winter seems to be taking forever to switch over, especially since we’ve been dumped with more snow than I can remember.  Many of us in northern climates feel the same way, desperate for summer, or even weather in the upper 50’s!  I’m looking forward to transforming our backyard into a serene space.  The main area of focus is a deck or patio that is great for relaxing and entertaining.  Here is a collection of ideas I have.  Some of the spaces and pools may not be realistic, but bits and pieces are.  This is what inspires me. Oh, and if you are looking for a reputable company to make these dreams come true, I would recommend a company like Imperial Building & Roofing Co Inc.

Backyard Deck & Patio Inspiration

outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (1)
beautiful wood deck with fireplace, overhead heater and built in benches
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (2)
patio with white beams, strung lights, California feel.  Love the plants and dark wood floor in contrast to the white house/beams.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (3)
The strung lights look amazing and the pool is so clean looking. Love the palm trees in planters and the teak wood furniture.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (4)
nice outdoor setup with benches, table, and strung lights. cool for a separate oasis in addition to a deck.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (5)
love the privacy, the slate, high walls, and perfect green landscape make this look very stately.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (6)
white brick fireplace, slate patio. simple outdoor space.  love the white picnic table too.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (7)
cool pergola and nice gravel surround and stone work
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (8)
ignore everything but the deck and this looks cool. I like the idea of building a jacuzzi into a deck. and i like the trees hanging over the deck. Also, the steps and stonework are nice.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (9)
this deck material is beautiful and simple. I think it’s a mahogany deck. I like how it goes right up to the uncut grass.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (10)
i love the idea of a built in pool. not a huge one, just a small square, simple soaking tub that can be heated in the winter… deck goes right up to it.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (11)
I love this narrow deck and simple pool. perfect. reminds me of little compton, rhode island style.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (12)
i like the steps and built in planters / benches on this deck. Not so much the colors or anything else.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (13)
love this white pergola, picnic table and decking. nice how it’s attached to the house with a deck above it. could do this with a master bedroom.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (14)
just because you have a small deck doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful. I love the plans and steps.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (15)
i love the idea of this privacy wall made out of wood, attached to the deck
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (16)
pergola with vines
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (17)
small deck with Adirondack chairs
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (18)
nice deck material and L shaped deck seating
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (19)
wow, this pool and stone surround look amazing.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (20)
all I like here is the built in jacuzzi and deck. Not so much the fence etc..
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (22)
white pergola with light gray deck, steps down to yard
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (23)
nice covered patio, coastal look with beams
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (24)
spa like back yard. love the stone, deck, and plants
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (25)
love the low deck, plants, stone and plants surrounding it
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (26)
love the dark harmony deck, with white trim and blue accents
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (27)
awesome little garden area, compact
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (28)
love the plants, fireplace, and concrete wall with bright green grass accent
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (29)
rustic and simple deck
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (30)
amazing pool and deck setup. I love the stairs down tot he pool and the deck. the smaller sized pool is perfect.  the clean lines and slate look great.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (31)
cool idea for a fire pit, but too small for the huge fires i have.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (32)
love the privacy wall, plants, seating and decking
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (33)
awesome idea for built in deck accent lighting. I also love the plants as another barrier
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (34)
plant wall with nice stonework, nice seating area and a gas fire pit on this patio
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (35)
love the lights
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (36)
nice eating area on this patio with strung lights. dark concept.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (37)
my dream pool and deck. simple and clean.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (38)
this deck and landscape look awesome. love the trees built next to it.
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (39)
wow, this soaking pool and deck are nice
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (40)
perfect pool and deck
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (41)
nice clean, small deck
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (42)
trees built in to deck
outdoor-patio-deck-inspiration-posted-on-daily-milk (43)
build deck around trees
string lights around a pergola