iPhone Case Inspiration : The Coolest Collection of Wood iPhone Cases

Pairing your beautiful iPhone with a nice case doesn’t have to cover up it’s beautiful design.  These wood iPhone 4, 4s, and 5 cases will give you that sleek, rustic iPhone case that won’t cut down it’s aesthetic value.  Personally I don’t like a cover at all, but if I were to choose one it would most likely be one of these real wood or printed wood iPhone cases!


Wood iPhone 4 / 4s Sleeve : source

Wood iPhone 5 Case: source

Beachy Colorized Wood Iphone 4 / 4s case: source

Turquoise iPhone 4 / 4s Wood Grain Case : source

Realistic,Fake Wood Texture iPhone 4 / 4s case: source

The perfect iPhone 5 case for your woman : The Beach Look, Geometrical Wood Printed Texture: source

Very Popular, Burned Wood iPhone 5 Case : source

Very cool dark wood, dock style iPhone 5 case : source

iPhone 4 / 4S Case – Bird Birds Wood – Cell Mobile Phone Cover pink branch : source

Wood Print iPhone Case for iPhone 4 or 4S — Painted Wood — Orange Blue Rust — Plastic or Silicone Rubber iPhone Case : source

Rough Railroad Tie Style Wood iPhone Case – iPhone 4, 4s, 5 : source

8 Reasons Why My iPhone 5 is Better than My iPhone 4

reasons iphone 5 over iphone 4

My phone contract was up for renewal just in time for the iPhone 5 release.  I was lucky to have it end around this time so I could catch the new phone.  I figured I would sell my iPhone 4 for around $300 on eBay since it’s brand new (had to replace my broken one).  With the iPhone 5 price at $199 with an AT&T 2 year contract I figured it was a no brainer.  It took around 3 weeks for my iPhone 5 to come to me since it was really just a “pre-order”.  With all of the hype there really aren’t an enormous amount of new features, although you’ll notice a lot of changes right away if your into tech products.  Here are the differences I noticed and love:

  1. Bigger Screen – Obviously there was a lot of hype and buzz about the screen being extra long.  Apple extended the screen but didn’t widen it, however it’s a big difference when scrolling down pages on websites and browsing apps.
  2. Light as a Feather – The phone is so light it almost feels like there is something wrong with it!
  3. Siri is Fast – I didn’t have Siri with my last iPhone, but it seems faster than what I’ve seen on friends iPhone 4’s.  Maybe I’m just thinking this, but either way, Siri is one of my favorite upgrades.  I didn’t have the 4S, so I missed the boat on Siri.
  4. Screen – The colors seem a lot more vibrant and the screen is very touchy, which are both positives.
  5. Fast – The iPhone 5 has a faster processor and let me tell you, it’s very noticeable.  Even my girlfriend noticed and she is by no means a techy.
  6. Headphones – The headphones fit your ears a lot better than the older ones.  I never understood why they even made headphones that hurt your ears like they did.  Maybe they really did re-invent the ear buds!
  7. Cooler – Yeah, it’s “hip”, but what I really mean is that it runs A LOT cooler than my older phone.  This is a plus when you’re running a music app or some other memory intensive feature.
  8. Charger – There are a lot of negatives with the new change from the old charger connection, but overall the new connector is much smaller and the biggest improvement is the ability to plug your phone in without trying to find the right side up!

iphone 5 metal back

What do I miss from my old iPhone 4?

The biggest disappointment to me is the change of the back and sides of the phone.  Instead of the cool metal sides, which I absolutely love, they changed it to a graphite color.  The back of the phone was changed from glass to a metal that looks like gray slate (in my black phones case).  Everything else was an improvement other than those two things that I thought were awesome design features.

I just looked up the prices on eBay and realize that iPhone 5’s are going for around $1000 or more!  It’s very tempting to sell my iPhone on eBay and hold on to my 4 but I think I’ll hold on to it for now.  Plus, I would be stuck with the 4 for a while!