Amazing Underwater Dog Photography by Seth Casteel

Seth Casteel was hesitant but felt the urge to splurge on an expensive underwater camera to take pictures of his dogs.  He wasn’t sure if it would make  him money, but just felt the strong need to go through with his goal.  One night he received an email that his underwater dog pictures were posted on Reddit.  The next morning he woke up to a lot more money than he had in his bank account!  An album of photographs from his underwater dogs series that were posted to Facebook have garnered nearly 30,000 “likes” and have been shared almost 22,000 times.

His website, which is typically handles around 200 visitors a day, is now overloaded with more than 100,000 daily visitors.

This goes to show you to follow your instinct, and don’t think about making money and it will come to you.