Campfire Cologne – Get that campfire scent year round!

The other day my friend and I were discussing how we love that burning wood scent from a campfire or wood stove and started thinking how great a scented candle would be.  Little did we know there are already scented candles out there already that have a smokey smell.   Well, today I found something better than scented candles.  Campfire Cologne.

Campfire Cologne, a company out of Portland, Oregon, actually made a product called Campfire Cologne.  It doesn’t come in liquid form you’re used to, but actual sticks of wood.  Their product photography and videos are quite hilarious as you can see below. What’s better than a campfire smell?

Campfire Cologne is the Tried and True scent of your best summer ever. A nostalgic ode to cooking over the fire, secret swimming holes and the unending days of youth. Use it frequently, transport yourself, live the dream.