Best List of Classic Men’s Watches Under $500 [2013 Edition]

It’s hard to find that simple, classic watch that works for dress or play.  It’s even harder to find that watch at a reasonable price for those of us who are not considered “watch snobs”.  I gathered the coolest men’s watches for under five hundred dollars and threw them into a list so you can get that elegant look without spending thousands of dollars.  Of course, expensive watches are great too. If you have a bigger budget, we have a great list of Classic Bell & Ross watches for you as well.

Top Mens Watches Under $500

Timex Easy Reader Watch – Indiglo WR 30M

This Timex easy reader watch has that classic look and is super cheap [Price: $45]

Daniel Wellington Classic Cardiff

This Daniel Wellington classic cardiff jumped out at me with it’s simplicity and thinness. [grab it for $229]

Mondaine Men’s Official Swiss Railways Stainless Watch

This watch features an original design from 1944 where the face was made for swiss railways. It’s signature design is known across the world for it’s unique second hand and clean lines. [Grab it for $175]

  Barcelona 666 UNDER PRESSURE

This unique watch from spain features a cool design that has just a second hand and a digital section for the hour and minutes reading. What a cool design. [Grab this for $129.99]

ESQ Movado Watch, Men’s Swiss Leather Strap 42mm

When I walked into Macy’s the other day and saw these two watches I was shocked their price point was under $400. These Movado ESQ watches are $350 each. You can grab them at Macy’s. I’m not sure if I like the silver/black or the gold/brown. Either way, both are a good choice, especially with the alligator leather straps. [$350]

  Alessi Men’s AL18000 Tanto X Cambiare Watch

This watch was designed by Franco Sargiani who modeled it after the clocks of great European monasteries. If you can handle the 24hour time format on this watch you’ll get some frequent comments on the watch. Check out how cool this dial is. You can also get this watch with a white face and roman numerals which adds another twist to the design. [$240]

  Uniform Wares 203 Series Watch

I kept seeing pictures pop up of this watch all over the place, but it was VERY difficult to find out who made it or where to buy it. After running it through a Google image search I unveiled that it was the Uniform Wares 203 Series watch. This watch goes for about $434.


5 Simply Classic Bell and Ross Men’s Watches

I’ve never been a fan of watches, but lately I’ve been itching to get a classy on to wear when I dress up or every day use.  I’m very picky when it comes to watches, which is the main reason why I never settle to buy one.  I discovered a brand that makes unbelievable watches that fit my personality and style.  They are simple, classy, elegant, and make a bold statement whether you’re wearing them for work or play.  The watches I have listed here are made by Bell and Ross.  They have been around since WW1 making watches.  What stands out to me is the simple and elegant faces, and minimal designs.  The only downside to find in the watch style that I love is that Bell and Ross watches are very pricey!  I know there is no way I would pay thousands for a watch right now (notice how I say right now?) but I plan on earning my way to getting one by setting a goal for my website properties.  When I reach this business goal I will award myself with one of these beauties!  Anyway, enough talk, check out this list of classic Bell and Ross watches and you’ll see why I love them.

1. Bell & Ross WW1-90 Reserve De Marche Watch BRWW190-BL-ST/SCR [$5000]

2. WW1 Chronograph Monopoussoir Ivory [$8000]

3. WW1 Chronograph Monopoussoir Heritage [$7600]

4. Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 WW1-92 Heritage [$3700]

5. WW1 Heure Sautante Pink Gold [$26000]




World’s Smallest Aquarium : Fish Tank Holds Two Teaspoons of Water

worlds smallest fish tank (1)
worlds smallest fish tank (2)
worlds smallest fish tank (3)
worlds smallest fish tank (4)
worlds smallest fish tank (5)

Anatoly Konenko from Russia created the smallest aquarium in the world.  His “world’s smallest fish tank” actually holds fish and has an aerator to add oxygen tot he water. The glass aquarium measures 30 х 24 х 14 mm, holds 10 ml of water, and contains miniature plants, stones, and real fish.  The tiny fish tank holds a record for the World Records Academy (World Records Academy) in 2011. The miniature aquarium created Anatoly and Stanislav Konenko, was recognized as the smallest in the world.

I wonder how long these fish last for!

Jellyfish Tank for Your Desk

Who knew it would be so easy to have a jellyfish tank for your desk?  These jelly fish tanks by are easy to set up and come with a jelly fish voucher.  The water movement moves around the tank perfectly to stir up the water and to move the jellyfish to the middle of the tank so it doesn’t get smashed into the glass.  There’s even a remote controlled led light so you can change the color of your jellyfish tank.   It’s a little pricey, but compared to what I paid for my saltwater aquarium, coral, and live rocks (probably thousands), it’s not so bad.

You’ll need to set up the tank, adjust the waters salinity, temperature, and then you can order your jellyfish with your voucher.  You need to wait until the tank is all adjusted to put the jellyfish in, so this process only makes sense.  You can get a desktop version for $382 with one jellyfish or you can spend a little more and get up to three jellyfish.  There is also a larger version available.  The coolest part is that you can mix a couple of saltwater fish in with it, like a clownfish (nemo) or put some hermit crabs and cleaner snails in for entertainment and to keep your tank crystal clear!

iPhone Case Inspiration : The Coolest Collection of Wood iPhone Cases

Pairing your beautiful iPhone with a nice case doesn’t have to cover up it’s beautiful design.  These wood iPhone 4, 4s, and 5 cases will give you that sleek, rustic iPhone case that won’t cut down it’s aesthetic value.  Personally I don’t like a cover at all, but if I were to choose one it would most likely be one of these real wood or printed wood iPhone cases!


Wood iPhone 4 / 4s Sleeve : source

Wood iPhone 5 Case: source

Beachy Colorized Wood Iphone 4 / 4s case: source

Turquoise iPhone 4 / 4s Wood Grain Case : source

Realistic,Fake Wood Texture iPhone 4 / 4s case: source

The perfect iPhone 5 case for your woman : The Beach Look, Geometrical Wood Printed Texture: source

Very Popular, Burned Wood iPhone 5 Case : source

Very cool dark wood, dock style iPhone 5 case : source

iPhone 4 / 4S Case – Bird Birds Wood – Cell Mobile Phone Cover pink branch : source

Wood Print iPhone Case for iPhone 4 or 4S — Painted Wood — Orange Blue Rust — Plastic or Silicone Rubber iPhone Case : source

Rough Railroad Tie Style Wood iPhone Case – iPhone 4, 4s, 5 : source