Greg Plitt Motivation

A while ago I stumbled across this bodybuilder while looking for some gym motivation. I later found he was about much more than just his physique.  His name is Greg Plitt and if you haven’t heard of him, you’ve probably seen him on the cover of GQ, Bowflex commercials or maybe a fitness magazine without knowing it.  After watching a few Greg Plitt’s YouTube videos and I was instantly inspired by him and I’ll tell you why.  Some of the words that jump out of his mouth may sound like he’s a spacey meat-head trying to get you to buy his membership on his website, but after listening to him you can take a lot away from his videos if you weed through his advice.  Greg Plitt is so intense with his motivation and values that it’s unbelievable.  I couldn’t stop watching his videos after hearing his motivation during his workouts, because he talks about a lot more than just lifting weights.  He motivates you on a deeper, life-level and pushes the fact that it’s only you that’s holding yourself back from your fitness and life goals.  At times he sounds arrogant, over the top, and sometimes plain obvious about certain things, but he’s so passionate and energetic that it makes you listen.  If you’re looking for a little bit of motivation in the gym or life, check out a few of his videos and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I came across this animated GIF of Greg Plitt and thought it was very powerful and true.  Excuse the harsh words, but I think it helps get the point across that it’s no luck getting what you want in life, you need to get up and go get it.  Whether it’s getting that beautiful woman you’re breathless over across the bar, want that grand house,  or you’re seeking the perfect job, you need to step it up and just do it!

Here are some great Greg Plitt Motivational YouTube Videos