Jellyfish Tank for Your Desk

Who knew it would be so easy to have a jellyfish tank for your desk?  These jelly fish tanks by are easy to set up and come with a jelly fish voucher.  The water movement moves around the tank perfectly to stir up the water and to move the jellyfish to the middle of the tank so it doesn’t get smashed into the glass.  There’s even a remote controlled led light so you can change the color of your jellyfish tank.   It’s a little pricey, but compared to what I paid for my saltwater aquarium, coral, and live rocks (probably thousands), it’s not so bad.

You’ll need to set up the tank, adjust the waters salinity, temperature, and then you can order your jellyfish with your voucher.  You need to wait until the tank is all adjusted to put the jellyfish in, so this process only makes sense.  You can get a desktop version for $382 with one jellyfish or you can spend a little more and get up to three jellyfish.  There is also a larger version available.  The coolest part is that you can mix a couple of saltwater fish in with it, like a clownfish (nemo) or put some hermit crabs and cleaner snails in for entertainment and to keep your tank crystal clear!